Baker, Decorator

(posted 05/24/16)


We're looking for someone with solid BAKING and DECORATING EXPERIENCE who has an eye for delicious and beautiful and creativity. Someone who is pretty dang good with a pastry bag, loves working with fresh, seasonal fruit, believes chocolate deserves it's own food-group and thrives on making people HAPPY!


We're looking for someone who reads between the cake layers, (our kitchen does not offer cupcakes and sheet cakes), surfs Instagram and Pinterest for inspration and impatiently waits at the mailbox to receive the next issue of Bon Appétit and Saveur magazine just to look at the baking pics!


Choux, mousse, Crème Pâtissière are in your repértoire, and would also be worthy names for a pet. Knows the difference between Macaroons and Macarons, and loves to make both!


If you are someone who has:

- the right EXPERIENCE

- the right ATTITUDE

- the right STUFF***

then please stop in the bakeshop and see us!

(afternoons are best...)


***CLICK HERE to what we mean by "The Right STUFF".


42 W. Main Street

Westminster, MD 21157

(443) 201-8538

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