Join our Croo!


Do you have the right stuff?


We're always on the lookout for bakers, kitchen and counter Croo members who have the right stuff!


Here's what we mean when we say "right stuff"...  


  • In life, to be successful ya gotta show up, on time.

  • Be available to work sometimes (very) early, sometimes afternoon, seldom on Sunday, but always on Saturday.

  • We're in the "make people happy" business, but we also just happens to serve some pretty delicious sweets & savories.  EVERYTHING we serve ALWAYS comes with a generous side order of please, thank you and a BIG smile.

  • We're crazy about learning our customers' names. It's the first step in making friends, isn't it?

  • Cleanliness is next to, well... EVERYTHING. ('nuff said...) 

  • We work long and hard! Most days its dark when we come to work, and it's often dark when we finish.  But when we hear one of our guests say mmm... It's what gets us out of bed!

  • Our food is made from the BEST ingredients we can find, but by far the LARGEST, most important and most EXPENSIVE ingredient that goes into every one of products are the people who make and serve them.

  • We operate our business to make a profit, but we opened our "bucket list" business to make a difference in our lives, our community and the people we serve AND employ.


The best way to join the Croo is to stop in and see who we are, who we serve, what we make, and how we get it done!  Each week we receive several emails and FB messages inquiring about employment, but we prefer to start relationships with a smile and a handshake -- we're friendly like that.


As a small, family owned and operated business, things can change quickly. So when opportunity knocks we're likely to already have a "short list" of people we'd like to join our roster.


So... if you're someone with the "right stuff", and would like to roll up your sleeves and help us make a difference, we want to meet you!


Bernie Vogel

42 W. Main Street

Westminster, MD 21157

(443) 201-8538

COVID-19 Hours

Wed- Sat 8:00AM to 1:00PM

Closed Sun - Tue