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Jeannie "JeannieBird" Vogel

Mother, wife, nurse baker


08/19/62 - 02/19/16

"Baked-from scratch,
and made fresh daily!"

Sweet.  Savory.  Main Street.

She always wanted to
open a place of her own,
and she did it..."

The JeannieBird Baking Company started as a farmers' market stall in the summer of 2008, and became a landmark on Main Street in November of 2014 thanks to Jeannie's passionate baking and humble persistence.

She raised 3 children while putting herself through college, became a labor and delivery RN at the Carroll Hospital Center, championed prenatal care with the Maryland Department of Health and Hygene and THEN started a business and built a community.  

We lost Jeannie to a tragic car accident in February of 2016 and we are so grateful for the love, kindness and support our community has shared with us during the best of times and the unthinkable worst. 

Jeannie's legacy lives on thanks to our wonderful "Croo" members, past and present, who carry on her vision and recipies.  Everything we offer is baked-from-scratch with lots of love and butter.  We're a bakery that does things; a bakery that makes sandwiches, not a restaurant that bakes bread.  A bakery that sells wine, not a wine shop that sells scones.

We are still here, at your service and
we appreciate you!


"There's no place like home."

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