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The kitchen is now open!

The kitchen is open, the dining room is open for seating and service and our egg sandwiches are back!

We're currently offering two sandwiches, the Western Maryland (egg and cheese) and the McDaniel (egg, Rettland Farm sausage or bacon and cheese) both served on a choice of bread; our yeast-raised Sweet Potato Biscuit, our whole wheat English Muffin and our classic Croissant topped with a smattering of our Snake Oil Aioli!

Our breakfast savory selection has also grown... In addition to the egg sammies, our bakery Croo is on-point with some new savory croissants to include Egg+Bacon+Cheese, and Spinach+Feta. May I also recommend our Strata - an egg, sausage, cheddar and biscuit medley, baked in casserole!

We have also expanded our hours, starting our day at 7:00A, open until 1:00P, and are back to 5 days, Tuesday - Saturday!

We had hoped to start serving lunch on April first, but like many of our fellow restaurants, we are still short-handed so we had to push it back. The good news is that a lunch menu IS in the works, and we hope to offer lunch and extend our day as soon as we can!

As always, we appreciate you and your support!

Stay tuned...




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